The Adoption Process

We know this is not an easy decision. It’s not easy to carry your child to term or to choose another family to parent your child. But make no mistake - these sacrifices make you a very special mom. Because of your love and courage, your child has everything needed to start a beautiful life.

What to Expect

We know this is a difficult season, but we also know good things can come from this. Gladney will do everything we can to support you during and after this journey. Here are some things to expect while making an adoption plan.

  • You choose your baby’s parents
  • A customized adoption plan
  • Contact with adoptive parents, if desired
  • Prenatal support
  • Scheduled and arranged doctor and hospital visits
  • Temporary care for women who are currently parenting a newborn,
    infant, or a toddler
  • Financial assistance to help with pregnancy-related expenses allowed by
    state law
  • Assistance with living arrangements as allowed by state law
  • Free legal services for the adoption
  • One-on-one adoption counseling
  • Support groups (if in your area) during and after pregnancy

Adoption Today

Adoption has evolved in exciting ways, and an Options Counselor will help you understand the possibilities. Ultimately, adoption is a plan crafted by you. And the plans are as varied and unique as each expectant mother.

Types of Adoption